IT and Me

Being part of the Generation Z, as they say, for me is both a privilege and a responsibility. It is the generation where the use of internet and technology, for that matter, is already widespread. Having used to this technical approach makes me wonder if what we are doing is still for the betterment of ourselves and the community as a whole.

Being in this age gives me an edge compared to the earlier times when it comes to work, communication, and social interaction. It makes my everyday tasks faster like literally a click of a button. I can collaborate with people from different countries even when I am just at home, I can do a million things with my computer alone, I can be with my family even though we are physically far away from each other, and many other relevant things. Unfortunately, this advantage, however, puts me at a great disadvantage if used improperly. It can make or break me in a span of a second.

Knowing how technology work and how it can affect me, I know that I am fortunate enough to be able to be in this time and experience this phenomenal innovation. Yet, I believe that someone would be much luckier if he would be able to discern the things that are ought and not ought to be done when it comes to using technology.


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