The Revolutionary Encounter

“The True Story of the Internet: Browser Wars.” Having read the title of the video for the first time made me excited, and at the same time curious. Excited because obviously, it would more likely be in regards to the internet and as we all know, it is a topic that most, if not all, in our generation today can relate to. And curious, because the term “True Story” in the title made me become interested in what this video could offer me and what new lessons and thought-provoking facts could I learn after watching it.

The internet is worldwide. It is something that made our world more connected and easier to handle. However, we cannot stop thinking about how it all started. Of how the world was before and how the people behind this outstanding technological advancement made this as it is now.

Netscape paved the way for globalization. It made the internet change from a medium understood and enjoyed only by computer masters and nerds into something that is used by average people, be it may be young or old, in their daily lives especially in the aspects of communication. And this was through a browser that uses a more user-friendly interface. Still, even as we know that Netscape has made a technological breakthrough, we cannot deny the fact that there will always be competition especially when we are talking about making a lot of money and a great influence in the world. Though it takes a lot of confidence and hard work to be able to stand against a company that has a great advantage like Netscape, Microsoft did not think twice about doing so. Of course, it was not a nice ride for the two companies. It consisted of different versions of stories both favoring each other’s parties up until now. And as we could see, it seems like Microsoft has done their plan and continued to dominate in the field for years.

Moreover, what happened between the two companies is not far from happening again. For as we know it, many companies like Google has started to rise up. It continues to battle with the position of who to dominate in the field. And for now, Microsoft was never the same great force as it was before.

Going back with the video, it was very informative. It made my clueless mind into a mind that is aware and conscious. It made me feel that I am in the story witnessing the happenings as they were live. And most importantly, seeing the engineers and the famous personalities of the internet being interviewed made me realize that the existence of which, started not a very long time ago, yet in a very short period of its presence, made a great impact on how an individual views the world and how it can greatly influence life.


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