Missionaries in Character

Poverty, sickness, and marginalization. These are just three of the many unfortunate issues that are rampant not just in our country but in the whole world. People barely eating a single meal in a day, children who had less chance of going to school because their parents are unemployed and homeless, people who are suffering from a worsening illness because they cannot afford to go to the hospital, and also people who have not had the opportunity to voice out their concerns just because others think they are powerless and unimportant.

Having been exposed to all of these almost always everyday, have we not grown a heart to love and serve these people who are in dire need? We may be thinking, we ourselves have our own problems, why should we bother to do things that might get us out of our comfort zones? Or maybe, some of us might think, I am just an ordinary man, there are people who will help them, they would not notice me even if I will or will not give something. However, consider this, if all the people would have the same reason, what do you think will happen to our society?

“We sometimes underestimate the influence of little things.”

We sometimes think that we are not enough not knowing that we could make all the difference. Just as reaching out to the poor, sick and the marginalized. We may think that our littlest of help could not create an impact on their life but it does. We may think that a single smile at them is nothing, yet it is enough to give them the courage to face the day.

Furthermore, we should realize that we are so blessed by God that our cup is overflowing. And when this happens, it only means that we have been given by God the responsibility to share it with others who have been having less. There will be times in our life where we think that we are not capable of such responsibility. However, we should realize that God does not call for those who are equipped but calls those who are willing and equips them.

We should know by now that God is telling us to be concerned about the poor, sick and marginalized of this world. It is our duty to share what we have to those in need and speak up on behalf of those who cannot. Our God is a God of compassion and justice. As His followers, we should continue to live up to His teachings and be passionate about our mission which is to serve. And for that, may we be proud missionaries of this world not just in words but most importantly in character.


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