Time is never our friend. It waits for no one and certainly, it will not wait for me or for you. So it’s our choice if whether or not we grab our favorite shoes and run for our lives or just stay there and let time run pass right through us. Yet no matter how fast we run or how long we last in this race, no one can guarantee anyone of the monsters or strong waves flowing against our course as we focus on the track.

And as I live life like this, I think of myself as a rock. A rock that is slowly being formed from the many minerals I encounter. Heat and pressure may break me, the strains from all the forces of stress in life may try to change me, I may be stretched and squeezed by the many factors around me, and I may get through with this for a very long period of time or maybe for the rest of my life, however, every pressure, every stress and every stretch that I come across, I know will surely put me in a new condition twenty to thirty years from now, that is stable and strong. Stable enough to aid others who are still unsteady and strong enough to not let any negative fluids through me.

Years from now, I will look back to all of these. I will look back to the times where I almost gave up and realizing that all of the struggles were worth it. Realizing too, that time may not really wait for anyone, but time is just what we need to become a masterpiece, to become a metamorphic rock. And when that time comes, the world will tremble in admiration.


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